Total protection for you, your family and your belongings.

Serge Marjollet has accepted, in the name of Christ, to create a free service energetically capable of repelling all forms of pernicious, conscious or unconscious attacks coming from incarnated or disincarnated human beings, as well as malicious spirits.

How can you receive this total protection ?

• Stand in front of the computer or your phone screen
• Offer this session to the God of your Belief or to Life
• For 7 minutes, receive the Divine and Christic Energies of Total Protection
• Give thanks to the God of your Belief or Life!

That’s ALL !

Then, pay attention to the kind of people you spend time with.

Reminder: When you think of and/or talk about your negative past experiences, you instantly connect to them and reinforce them !

Stop doing so right now; you are liberated and protected.

If you feel the need to renew this protection, do it at your own pace, in front of
this Christic server, but no more than once a day. You can invite your loved ones to
share this extraordinary moment !

If your friends do not have the Internet:
• Do it with them by phone, by putting the handset in front of the screen.
• You can also place pictures or bewitched objects in front of the screen


For 7 minutes, receive the Divine and Christic Energies
for a total protection.



Leave your comments below and help other people who are in your situation.

By saving yourself, save others! God will give it back to you.