Benefit from the Divinized Water

WARNING ! This water is not a healing water.

Water, this vital element of the human body (70% of its composition), allows to drain, among other things, its impurities. For several years, I have been offering my Magic Faculties for free to awaken the quintessence of water..

Just drink it and let it work within you.

Description of the different steps

For starters :
• You must be older than 18 years-old.
• You must register in advance and fill in the form below, mentioning your name and the reason for your request in 3 or 4 words maximum.
• You can also register other people who have requested it.

You will need :
• 1 to 6 bottles of still water.
• White, synthetic or natural silk, large enough to wrap the 6 bottles, to protect them from the outside.
• A white silk cover in which you can slip and protect one bottle for everyday use. (If you don’t have any silk, you can use aluminum foil).

Set up :
• Place your water bottles towards the East (where the sun rises) on Sunday between 12 o’clock and 1 pm (local time of the country where you are).
• Leave the bottles there for 7 minutes, at your convenience, but only between 12 o’clock
and 1 pm.

• Then wrap the bottles in silk, including the one you use every day.

Every day :
• While taking your time, drink one to two glasses of water. Give thanks to the God of your Belief or Life for the benefits brought by the water. Let it work within you.

If you have physical pains, you can put a few drops of water in your hand and rub it
where it hurts. Let it do its magic.

When the bottle is finished, remove it from its case and throw it away.

Put a new one in your case and continue the process.

When you have finished all of the bottles, take the time to see the benefits, and
send in your testimonial. That is all we ask for in return for this service free for all.

Renewal :
• 15 days in a row max, with the need to renew each week your registration.

• Then, it is good to alternate and take a week off before starting again, if necessary.

This service is free!
In the interest of your family and friends, share this valuable information.

Reminder !
If you suffer from an illness, you should always consult your doctor and follow his recommendations. This Divinized Water cannot be considered as healing water.


The data mentioned in this form will not be kept. Your email is requested for the
sole purpose of acknowledging receipt of your request.