Thanks to the extraordinary Ischims !

A prodigious Angelic Legion of the Sphere of Planet Earth!
• Their Archangel: SANDALPHON.
• The mission and function of the Angelic Legion, THE ISCHIMS, is to protect mothers-to-be.

Hence, for over twenty years, I have offered to this splendid Angelic Legion, hundreds of young pregnant women, all over the world. All have been successes !

Many mothers – and babies – have benefited and still enjoy their protection and blessings for life.

It’s your turn to spread the word and make them known !

It’s free ! Apply for their protection now by sending in the form below.

• Participate in this renewal of mental, social and physical health. All children protected by
the ISCHIMS are protected for life !
• Share this information with friends.
• Help the Beautiful, the Kind and the Good.
• Give thanks to Divine Providence for allowing this


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