“I know how to pray magically …”

Those who wish can send me their Name and their problems or those of their loved
ones. Simply fill out the form below, once or more if necessary.
Example: Michel Dupont – lack of love

“I am neither a healer nor a doctor!”

On the other hand, I know how to pray magically …

The powers that have been granted to me allow me to relieve people suffering from many troubles and miseries, let them be visible or invisible.

“Magic must be used to help humans, animals and plants” and not to put oneself forward.

God knows that I love Him but He will appreciate, I’m sure, the fact that, thanks to
Him, I help others.

“I’m doing this for free”

I do not receive or answer any e-mail, otherwise I would be quickly overwhelmed. 


The data mentioned in this form will not be kept. Your email is requested for the sole purpose of acknowledging receipt of your request.